How to improve your digital marketing strategies with Platform Integration.

Excerpt from CPR For Your Business

“The important thing here is not about getting the 1 – 5% conversions but is to get the other 95% who are interested to take action”

Most businesses usually only have their digital marketing campaigns in either search engines or social media and treat them as two different strategies.

While this is not necessarily wrong, platform tools now actually allow us to integrate the two platforms and with that, you can greatly improve the results of your campaign.

You can make use of a search engine marketing campaign to garner your target audiences for a social media marketing campaign. In search engine marketing, this is usually how it goes: if you are looking for digital marketing services, a lot of people use Google as a platform to find such services by looking for relevant keywords. This is a more direct way to get the services you are looking for.
You can integrate search engines and social media by installing pixels on your website. Once anyone clicks into your website from search engine searches, they can get tracked and what you can do with this data is to create a separate social media campaign that targets these people.

The conversion rates we get from search engine campaigns usually ranges from 1 – 5%, which means out of 100 people who have engaged with the campaign, there will only be 1 to 5 conversions. However, the important thing here is not about getting the 1 – 5% conversions but is to get the other 95% who are interested to take action. Even though they are interested, they may not have taken action because they may still be considering your other competitors or are not ready to make the decision.

What we can do here with platform integration is to laser focus your campaign and retarget this 95% with a separate social media campaign. While they are still making their decisions on who to choose, if you suddenly appear on their social media pages, you will have created more brand awareness and the more they see you on different platforms, the more they might end up choosing your business.

Let me give you an example of how one client of mine, Mr. B managed to make use of the integration between social media marketing to search engines.

We created a social media campaign for his business and managed to create much traction. Despite that, there was not a lot of conversion in the first few months of the social media campaign, due to the nature of his business.

However, months down the road, Mr. B’s business grew quite a bit and you might think that this is due to the social media campaign we held but a lot of the customers came from search engines!
Why do you think so? Because of our social media campaign, we gained a lot of traffic to the website from various social media pages and naturally, Google rewarded the high traffic with a higher organic rank of Mr. B’s website in search engines. So, we ended up gaining a lot of customers from search engines because his website became more visible when people searched for the keywords of his business.

When it comes to search engines, it is important to have the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) down. Search engine rankings are based on specific rules set by Google and one key thing you should know is that you need to show how your website is related to the particular keywords.With the basics down, this is how you can integrate social media campaigns to search engines.

The above two are just examples of platform integration. How you go about doing so depends on the nature of your business and services, and your creativity and imagination.

As long as you understand the basic concepts of platform integration, you can make use of different platforms, not only just search engines and social media, to do exactly the same thing and improve your digital marketing campaigns.


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