This combination of different government grants is for companies who need help in their digital marketing efforts to boost revenue or build companies’ brand awareness. If qualified, companies can stand to get up to 95% of grant support. At Crevantage, we equip companies with an achievable digital marketing strategy through building digital marketing capabilities and brand identity for businesses. This will allow companies to excel in today’s digital landscape especially with the use of social media.

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Author Alan Lim has come up with a 10-Step CPR Process to help businesses achieve a Predictable, Scalable and Sustainable revenue

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Alan has facilitated our company’s transition from traditional to digital marketing, expanding our online presence through our website and on social media platforms. In 2019, he conducted practical training sessions with our company to redesign our business processes. He has a knack for breaking down complex concepts into manageable pieces, which is useful in helping us understand how and where our strategies should be improved. Since engaging Alan, our sales have seen tremendous growth and our campaigns have been receiving extra attention. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Alan and we wholeheartedly recommend Alan to anyone looking to take their business to the next level.


As our marketing consultant, Alan provided a lot of great ideas and proved outstanding at identifying key issues in our current systems. He put together a process that allowed us to work in a structured way towards finding a solution. During his period with us, he developed the Sin Chong Wellness channel on our Facebook page. Since then, we have garnered huge popularity among the online community and a rapid rise in engagements and followers. This has significantly improved our customer’s confidence in our brand and we are very pleased with the results, hence we would definitely recommend Alan and his team.

House of Dim Sum

Alan helped us establish our social media platforms to generate more revenue and expand our customer base. Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic, Alan has led the development and launch of our home-delivery service to cope with the new F&B measures. Using creative ads and retargeting, Alan and his team have helped us create more than 20 variations of ad copies that have seen impressive results. Setting up such a system in such a short amount of time takes a lot of expertise and strategic planning, but he has effectively delivered on everything we asked for. In a mere 2 weeks, our sales had catapulted by 40-50 times. We would greatly endorse Alan and his team at

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