Be Creative in Your Target Audience


Excerpt from CPR For Your Business


Sometimes, when it comes to targeting, what seems like common sense may not be converting as well as you expect it to be.


Be Creative in your target audience.

When planning your target audience, it is important to note these few key points:


Firstly, it shouldn’t be too wide as generally, broad categories do not convert as well as narrower ones.


Secondly, your target audience must have enough numbers to even run a profitable campaign.



Thirdly, you must think out of the box. Sometimes what may be common sense may not work out as well as expected. Say, if you are selling cooking tools, rather than just focusing on the category of people interested in cooking, perhaps you can try people who are interested in certain celebrity chefs like Gordan Ramsey, or people who are interested in certain cooking channels or recipes.


Let me take an example from one of my clients selling TCM products and physician services. What seemed like common sense to be our target audience was people who were interested in TCM or health and wellness. However, the target audience that converted better ended up being people who were interested in certain kinds of Chinese news media instead.


As long as you meet all 3 criteria for your target audience and that you follow the 3 key points, you should be able to pick good target audiences for your digital marketing campaign.


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