Advertising is Not an Art Competition

Excerpt from CPR For Your Business


For creatives, remember this: your pictures should capture the attention by being relatable to the solution you are offering to your audience’s problems or desires.


It is not necessarily an art competition to see who has the prettiest advertisements but more of who has got the most effective creatives. The most effective creatives are those that are able to capture the attention of your audiences and convey the message effectively.


I have had many experiences with clients whereby the most unprofessional pictures and worst designs ended up providing the best results, which shows that having the best aesthetics may not be the most effective.


For example, if you are selling common frozen foods, instead of having pretty and edited photos of your foods plastered over your advertisements, maybe just having an unedited photo of frozen meat in a basket might work better.


The reason being, everybody will already know what to expect from the frozen food you are selling and product differentiation between competitors will most likely be the price. Having an unprofessional photo may just make your audience feel that your products are more affordable, and they may be attention grabbing in their own right because newsfeeds are usually filled with nice, edited photos.


I don’t mean that ugly or unprofessional photos are the best, but rather, you must always try to look from your audience’s perspectives when curating your advertisements and think about what kind of creatives would work the best.



Grabbing attention is what I call a form of art. In my experience, some people have it in them and can easily understand and know what makes people tick while some people can’t. Although nothing is for sure and all your ideas should be put to the test, you still need to be able to make the best guess to begin with.


Many people get stuck in this phase of grabbing attention and many of my clients engage me for this reason. Grabbing attention proves to be one of the more challenging process and your campaign will not be able to move forward without it, which is why it’s important to optimize this step as well as you can.


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