Alan Lim K.K

Founder Alan Lim K.K. is recognized as one of the top business and marketing consultants in Singapore.

With over fifteen years of Business and Marketing experience, his business networks extend to other industries such as Media, Telecommunication, E-commerce, Fashion and Consultancy.

Alan is also the author of a most recent book, CPR For Your Business, an in-depth digital marketing guide that details some of his best business insights and experiences. Alan has spent the better half of his career discovering the best tools to align, manage and optimize clients’ digital channels and operations. The phenomenal success and growth of his clients’ revenue and profit is testimony to his expertise.


Your Trusted Strategic Marketing Partner


Located in Singapore, Crevantage is a strategic digital marketing agency that strives to help our business clients gain a competitive edge online. We have added value to many SMEs over the past decade through specialised and effective online marketing techniques. Our clients have since managed to successfully establish a strong online presence, enabling them to better reach out to prospective customers.

How Do We Do It?

We help you grow your bottom line by leveraging on retargeting strategies, search intent, and automated sales funnels.

By using a combination of email marketing, retargeting ads, social media search optimization and high-converting landing pages, we are able to dramatically increase your ROI. Whether you are a B2B company aiming to capture high-quality leads online, or an E-Commerce business aiming to grow sales, our team of specialists will help you reach out to your target market and convert them into new customers.

Our company’s successful partnerships have made us a market leader. Generating new revenue for our clients – that’s all that matters to our team.


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